The “Flanders International  Rally Challenge” or FIRC  started in 2010 as a brand new championship for non-Belgian teams, supported by five rallies situated in Flanders, the north of Belgium. Many foreign drivers, particularly regular French, Dutch and UK guests in Flemish rallies, asked  frequently for their own series. Many organisers liked the idea but it still took some time to get to grips.

After several low profile attempts in the 90’s, with all sort of projects carrying different names, FIRC was finally established by a professional team in 2009 and has proven its success since then. The concept, based on selected rallies with a compact timing and low entry fees, proved to be very attractive and grows in popularity every year. Events came and went, but FIRC was the stable factor and now counts no less than 7 events, where in the beginning only 4 to 5 events made part of the Challenge.

The big breaktrough after several years of continuous growth came in 2016, where foreign entries in several rallies nearly doubled. The Challenge also expanded to Wallonia, the south part of Belgium, to give our guests the ultimate rally experience on closed public roads of all kinds.

For more details, check the FAQ page on the ‘competitors’ link, the latest infos are posted on our Facebookpage, and for the more technical information you will find an answer to all your questions on www.thebelgianconnection.co.uk

Welcome in Belgium, so nearby and so different!